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Washington Post: Sloane, former SRA chief, unveils first Decision Sciences-equipped port

By August 29, 2012No Comments

Original article from Washington Post.

August 26, 2012
By Marjorie Censer

More than a year after leaving SRA InternationalStanton D. Sloane is now spending his time talking cosmic rays as president and chief executive of Chantilly-based Decision Sciences International.

Sloane is promoting the the company’s signature Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems — or MMPDS, which is now on display at Freeport Container Port in the Bahamas.

Essentially, the technology uses naturally occurring cosmic rays — called muons — to scan cargo containers, seeking suspicious materials that pose a nuclear or radiological threat. Sloane said the technology is safe, and the scans can be completed relatively inexpensively and quickly — a scan that doesn’t detect a problem takes about 30 seconds.

Decision Sciences has paid several million dollars to install the technology at Freeport, where cargo trucks drive through what looks like a car wash. Sloane hopes the demonstration unit will help convince port owners and the government to purchase the technology.

The company is also lobbying on the Hill, trying to prevent Congress from overturning existing legislation to expand cargo container scanning requirements.

Read the original article here.

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