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Decision Sciences MMPDS

Decision Sciences’ MMPDS protects ports, borders and critical infrastructure

Decision Sciences International Corporation, in cooperation with the U.S. Los Alamos National Laboratory, has developed a passive scanning technology that detects both shielded and unshielded nuclear and radiological threats as well as explosives and other contraband threats. This revolutionary scanning technology, the Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS), safely and efficiently protects seaports, airports, border crossings and critical infrastructure, without impeding the flow of commerce.

The MMPDS has rapid and effective scanning capabilities to provide ports and borders with the high level of security recommended by the U.S. 9/11 Commission.

Features & Functions

The MMPDS Gen3 offers unique functionality with the following attributes:

Safe Operation: Passive non-intrusive detection means there are absolutely no radiation or safety issues of any kind.

Unparalleled Penetration: Cosmic ray particles can penetrate 1m (1,000mm) or more of steel; well above the range of other modalities like X-ray.

Automated Radiological/Nuclear Threat Detection: A combination of cosmic ray tomography and passive gamma detection can expose a wide range of unshielded and shielded nuclear and radiological threats with no operator image interpretation required.

Automated Non-Nuclear Threat Detection: Using proprietary algorithms and unique software incorporating material ID, the MMPDS Gen3 simultaneously tracks the muon deflections within an area of interest and translates that information to reconstruct the position, distribution, density and atomic number of materials that the muons have passed through. It detects metallic High-Z/nuclear and materials for shielding such items (high scattering); explosives and other contraband identifiable by unique scattering (density); and electron attenuation signatures. The system identifies potential threats in the image and assigns detection confidence levels based on a proprietary and ever expanding materials ID/signature library database that is inherently scalable and customizable. In fact, the library can be tailored to include contraband of particular interest to customers.

Operator Detection of Unexpected Objects in A Container (Concealed Objects): The MMPDS will indicate distribution of materials allowing for an unexpected object to be detected by the operator.

Adjustable Scan Times: The MMPDS scan times can be adjusted based on threat level and desired detection confidence values, as specified by customer concept of operations.

Low Operation and Maintenance Costs: The MMPDS requires little routine maintenance as it does not have moving parts or lifecycle parts that need to be regularly replaced and there is no active source.

Automatic Non-Radioactive Calibration: Unlike X-ray, the MMPDS does not require calibration with radiation sources.



The MMPDS alert screen








MMPDS eliminates the need for separate, complicated, radiation detection and imaging technologies by combining both applications into our proprietary multi-mode approach. MMPDS users can also adjust vehicle throughput based on a port’s concept of operations. The throughput is calculated by determining the desired scan time compared to the desired probability of detection and the quantity of detectable material. These variables can be adjusted by the operator. 


We are the only company in the world delivering a solution that can uniquely safeguard the integrity of the global supply chain, expedite the flow of commerce, fortify trade resiliency and satisfy the 100% scanning requirement recommended by the U.S. 9/11 Commission and later enacted into law by the U.S. Congress.

The MMPDS Gen3 product is available in numerous configurations of environmental enclosures for Port, Border, and Critical Infrastructure installations.