How MMPDS Works

1stHarnessing the natural occurrence of muons in the atmosphere, Decision Sciences’ MMPDS  system tracks muons through even heavily shielded materials and computes a 3-D image of what is being scanned. In combination with a gamma radiation detector, MMPDS can scan a typical 40-foot shipping container in less than one minute when no threat is detected, providing accurate and safe scanning while facilitating the flow of commerce.

High energy pions interact with the Earth’s atmosphere to produce a continuous muon and electron flux. Muons are highly penetrating and scatter based on atomic number and nuclear density.
Electrons scatter much more readily due to their lower mass and are attenuated proportional to the atomic electron density.


Sealed aluminum drift tubes (ionization chambers) detect muons, electrons and gamma radiation. Orthogonal tube arrays provide 3-dimensional tracking and highly sensitive gamma detection.