MMPDS for Cargo Scanning

MMPDS for Cargo Scanning

MMPDS for Maritime Cargo scanning  is a revolutionary passive detection system for safe, effective, accurate and automated detection of shielded and unshielded radiological, nuclear, explosive and other contraband materials. The Product Suite is capable of scanning all types of vehicles, rail cars and ship containers and takes one minute, on average, to clear a typical 40-foot shipping container when no threat is present.  It offers the ability to protect any port against even heavily shielded threats – without impeding the flow of commerce and without creating harmful radiation.

Capabilities & Threat Identification

System can detect multiple materials

  • Detects, identifies and locates in 3-D both unshielded, as well as heavily shielded, nuclear and radiological threats, explosives and other contraband including weapons, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, smuggled humans and numerous other items of interest and anomalies.
  • Combines complementary passive modes — cosmic ray muon tomography, electron stopping/attenuation and highly sensitive gamma radiation detection — into one system to look for and identify a wide range of threats thereby improving operational effectiveness.

Non-threat cargo is automatically cleared

  • Based on operator defined confidence thresholds

Settings can be based on threat level or container risk assessment

  • System provides automatic alert of “suspicious” configurations
  • Detection of radiation emissions
  • Matched radiation, explosive, drug and narcotic, and precious metal signatures
  • Human smuggling
  • Anomalous cargo
  • Heavy shielding
  • System localizes threat in a 3-D visual display

Extended scan provides false positive resolution or alarm confirmation

  • Longer scans provide higher resolution
  • More detailed images and material identification
  • No unloading of cargo required

Operational Snapshot: Minimal Impact to Customer Operations

  • Approximately one minute to clear 40ft.+ containers. Automated, fast, single-scan operation that facilitates the flow of commerce.
  • Drivers remain in vehicle; Ready for departure after scan. No safety exclusion zones required.
  • Completely passive and produces no ionizing radiation. Safe working environment for all personnel, people, plants, animals, other organics, electronics.
  • Systems can be fixed installations (single/multi-lane) and Mobile units operating wherever scans are required. Units can be customized to meet customer requirements, footprint and objectives.
  • Reports are generated on each container and can be retained as required by the port.
  • Capable of scanning all types of vehicles, maritime shipping containers and air cargo containers.
  • Capable of integrating into command and control systems and third party devices such as  CCTV, LPR, Traffic Control, Etc.

Key Benefits: Operationally Simple; Maintenance Free Hardware

  • Flexible System and Scalable Size Configuration
  • Build and Install: No exotic parts/commercial off the shelf materials (COTS) for standard (interfaces, communications, bandwidth) or customized solutions
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Low energy use, Optional solar roof arrays, No hazardous components
  • Ability to upgrade software as new features and functions are introduced; no hardware changes required.
  • Uniform reporting with ability to aggregate and share information.
    • Longer scans provide higher resolution, More detailed images and material identification, No unloading of cargo required

Cargo Scanning Product Suite – Size

The MMPDS for Maritime Cargo features three detectors scaled to scan seaport cargo containers and packages. The sizes are:

MT-2436:  24×36’ detector sized for one TEU without cab.

MT 2460:   24×60’ detector sized for one TEU with cab or two TEU without cab.

MT 2472:   24×72’ detector sized for two TEU with cab.

Custom sizes are also available.

Contact—Pricing & Presentation:

For pricing and additional system implementation details, please contact or call 571.252.8480.