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  • Why this company’s scanning technology is a smugglers’ nightmare

    At Decision Sciences International Corp.’s Poway headquarters, a 20-foot shipping container sits beneath a car-wash size scanner.
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    Defense Agency Awards Decision Sciences $5M to Expand Capabilities of Detection System

    Decision Sciences International Corp. has received a potential $5.2 million contract to expand the detection capabilities of a cargo scanning system it has developed and tested for passively detecting and identifying shielded and unshielded nuclear and radiological materials. Under...»
  • U.S. Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office Awards Decision Sciences Contract to Supply and Deploy Advanced Contraband and Threat Detection System

    The U.S. Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office has awarded Decision Sciences International Corporation a contract valued at up to $5.26 million to supply and deploy its Multi-Mode Passive Detection System Generation 3.
  • Lawmakers Concerned Over Threat Of Dirty Bomb To US Ports

    Original article from Homeland Security Today, Nov. 4, 2015, by Amanda Vicinanzo Amanda Vicinanzo, Senior Editor It’s the stuff of nightmares and thrillers. Terrorists detonate a dirty bomb at a US port and the nation plummets into chaos as...»
  • Monitoring Nuclear Weapons

    The Nuke Detectives Clandestine weapons: New ways to detect covert nuclear weapons are being developed, which could help inspectors monitor Iran’s nuclear deal Original article from The Economist, September 5, 2015, by Benjamin Sutherland AS NUCLEAR blasts go, North...»
  • Bahamas First to Demonstrate Cargo Scanner

    Original article from Tribune Freeport, by Denise Maycock, August 12, 2015 A NEW type of cargo scanner to detect radiological and nuclear material in containers was assessed at the Freeport Container Port this week by US Department of Homeland...»
  • Letter of Appreciation to Ministry of Grand Bahama from US Homeland Security

    Featured Story Authored by: Bahamas Information Services Source: Bahamas Information Services Date: August 12, 2015 Original article from FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — Kevin Cronk, Program Manager of U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, presented the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville,...»
  • Container Security: Gaps in Global Supply Chain Leave U.S. Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack

    Original article from Homeland Security Today (HSToday), June-July, 2015, by Senior Editor Amanda Vicinanzo Homeland Security Today — June-July 2015 – Container Security With millions of cargo containers entering US ports every year, gaps in the global supply chain...»
  • Unmasking Smuggling Via Shipping Containers Arriving at Lankan Ports

    Original article from Sri Lanka Sunday Times, July 19, 2015 Approximately 8.4 billion tons of seaborne trade travelled the globe in 2010, according to the Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics, proving that the world’s economy moves largely by...»
  • Giving buildings a cosmic CT scan

    Original article from Science Magazine (American Association for the Advancement of Science), June 30, 2015, By Sid Perkins Subatomic particles that naturally bombard Earth could be used to make 3D images of industrial equipment akin to medical CT scans...»
  • Nature Assists in Cargo Inspection

    Original article from San Diego Business Journal, June 22, 2015, by Brad Graves TECH: Co.’s Method Can Safely Detect Contraband Decision Sciences International Corp. intends to be a player in a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek. It is applying research...»
  • Box Scan Dilemma Rumbles On

    March 2015 Original article from World Cargo News (pages 48-49) The desire for a mandatory global programme of seaport container scanning remains strong, but is yet to be fully implemented The drive towards some form of non-intrusive container inspection/scanning...»
  • Looking inside Fukushima Daiichi unit 1

    Original article from World Nuclear News, February 10, 2015, by Warwick Pipe Tepco hopes to gain a greater understanding of the location of the molten fuel in unit 1 of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi with the installation of a...»
  • Terrorism 3.0 And The Need For 100 Percent Cargo Scanning

    Original article from the Lexington Institute, January 26, 2015, by Daniel Gouré. The threat from global terrorism is mutating and some might even argue advancing far faster than has the world’s response to it. The past year has witnessed the...»
  • Decision Sciences International Corporation Names Dr. Gene Ray Interim CEO, Adm. Jay Cohen Interim COO, Dr. Stan Sloane Joins Comtech Telecommunications

    Original article from WashingtonExec, January 6, 2015, By Lauren Budik Middleburg, Va.-based Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC) announced Dec. 24 the appointment of Dr. Gene W. Ray, former Titan Corporation CEO, as interim CEO and Admiral Jay M. Cohen...»
  • Washington-area appointments and promotions for Jan. 5

    Original article from The Washington Post, January 4, 2015, By Aaron Gregg Companies American Operations of Chantilly appointed Jeffrey Fowler senior vice president of national defense and technical services. CACI of Arlington appointed Jerry Briggs executive vice president and...»
  • Contractors branch out of defense work; longtime executives switch companies

    Original article from The Washington Post, January 4, 2015, By Amrita Jayakumar Decision Sciences names Interim Leaders Virginia-based technology company Decision Sciences International appointed two interim leaders to replace longtime chief executive Stanton Sloane, who left to lead Comtech,...»
  • New Hire: Jay Cohen

    Originally appeared on Washington Business Journal, December 29, 2014 Interim Chief Operating Officer at Decision Sciences International Corp. Cohen, a member of the DSIC board, is a principal of The Chertoff Group.
  • New Hire: Gene Ray

    Originally appeared on Washington Business Journal, December 29, 2014 Interim CEO at Decision Sciences International Corp. Ray currently serves on the DSIC Board of Directors. He co-founded and led Titan Corp. as its Chairman, President and CEO for 24...»
  • Gene Ray, Jay Cohen to Serve in Interim Exec Roles at Decision Sciences

    Original article from GovConWire, December 29, 2015 Decision Sciences International Corp. has named former Titan Corp.CEO Gene Ray as interim CEO and former Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary Jay Cohen as interim chief operating officer, the Washington Business Journal reported Wednesday....»
  • New House bill attempts to revive 100 percent container screening

    Original article from Cargo Business News, September 17, 2014. A new congressional effort is underway to revive screening 100 percent of containers prior to their arrival to U.S. ports. Although Congress decreed in 2007 that all containers coming to...»
  • Thirteen Years After 9/11, A New Attempt To Screen 100 Percent of Cargo Containers

    Original article from Roll Call, September 12, 2014, by Tom Curry. In 2007, to avert the danger of a terrorist attack on an American port, Congress required that all containers coming to the United States be scanned by non-intrusive...»
  • The Rise of ISIS and The Continuing Need for 100 Percent Cargo Scanning

    Original article from Lexington Institute, August 28, 2014, by Daniel Goure There are reports today that a second American soldier in the army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been killed in combat. ISIS is...»
  • Particle Physics to Aid Nuclear Clean Up

    Original article from Symmetry Magazine, August 28, 2014, by Kelen Tuttle Cosmic rays can help scientists do something no one else can: safely image the interior of the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. A little after lunchtime...»
  • Toshiba awards Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear complex project to DSIC

    Original article from Tendersontime, August 12, 2014 An advanced technology provider of security and detection systems, Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC) has been awarded a contract by Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) to assist the reclamation of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear...»
  • Cosmic Rays to Pinpoint Fukushima Cores

    Original article from World Nuclear News, August 11, 2014, by Warwick Pipe A system using muon detectors should be able to determine the exact locations of the molten cores of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors. It is to be...»
  • Maritime Professional: TWIC and Container Scanning

    Original article from Maritime Professional, by Joseph Keefe Jun 11, 2014, 12:05PM EST A Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) hearing on port security raises questions about both TWIC and container scanning. Both technologies work; they are...»
  • NYT: Assessing Fukushima Damage Without Eyes on the Inside

    Original article from The New York Times By MATTHEW L. WALD, JUNE 17, 2014 More than three years after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, engineers have not examined many of the most important parts of the wreckage....»
  • Lexington Institute: DHS’s Focus On Screening Only High Risk Cargo Is Both Wrong And Unnecessary

    Original article from Lexington Institute, June 6, 2014, by Daniel Gouré, Ph.D. The greatest threat to the homeland is that a rogue power or terrorist group will slip a nuclear device onto a cargo ship bound for the United...»
  • Border Security & Emergency Preparedness: Cargo Screening

    Original article from Border Security & Emergency Preparedness, March 13, 2014, by Scott Nance, BSEP correspondent FREIGHT IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF THE ECONOMY, BUT RAPID TRANSIT CAN NEVER BE AT THE EXPENSE OF SECURITY. Screening and inspecting all...»
  • MarineLink: DSIC Earns Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation

    Original article from, May 7, 2014, Post by Eric Haun Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC), an advanced technology provider of security and detection systems, today announced it has earned U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism...»
  • GTC2014 Morning Call: Retaining A Sense of Humor

  • Could This New Scanning Technology Revolutionize the Cargo Screening Industry?

    Original article from SecurityInfoWatch, March 7, 2014, by Joel Griffen Decision Sciences uses cosmic ray charge particles to detect explosives, nuclear materials One of the biggest concerns in the wake of 9/11 was the potential of terrorists to smuggle...»
  • 100 Percent Container Scanning for US-Bound Cargo Remains Elusive

    Original article from Journal of Commerce, February 27, 2014, by Mark Szakonyi, senior editor WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department Homeland of Security has until July to meet a federal mandate requiring all U.S.-bound containers to be scanned at nearly...»
  • Decision Sciences Offers Means to Screen 100 Percent of Cargo

    Original article from Lexington Institute, February 24, 2014, by Daniel Goure, Ph.D. Early Warning Blog Whether you are Al-Qaeda or a would-be Unibomber, one of the easiest ways to commit a terrorist act is to put a bomb in...»
  • Popular Mechanics: 10 Tech Terms to Know in 2014

    Original article from Popular Mechanics Magazine – 10 Tech Terms to Know in 2014 Personal data auctions, 3D counterfeiting, and more hot items people will be talking about this year. Muon Tomography Though very similar to computed tomography (better...»
  • Los Alamos National Lab Technology Transfer Progress Report

    Fall, 2013 Advancing Innovation Through Partnership – Fiscal Years 2011-2012 – Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) The following LANL report reviews progress made in its technology transfer program for fiscal years 2011 and 2012. Decision Sciences’ Multi-Mode Passive Detection...»
  • Digital Politics Radio

    Digital Politics Radio Show December 5, 2013 Digital Politics Host Karen Jagoda interviewed Decision Sciences on being named a finalist for the CONNECT Most Innovative Product Award. Listen to the interview here.
  • PBS NOVA: Making Stuff Safer

    PBS TV November 6, 2013 In “Making Stuff Safer,” Host David Pogue explores the cutting-edge research of scientists and engineers who want to keep us out of harm’s way including work by Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC) on technologies to...»
  • Cargo Scanning Technology Advances on Various Fronts

    Original article from Port of Montreal PortInfo Magazine ( FILE : PORT SAFETY AND SECURITY Cargo-Scanning Technology Advances on Various Fronts With almost 90 per cent of imported and exported goods making their way around the world in some...»
  • R&D 100 Magazine: Rapid Scanning for Radiological Threats

    Rapid Scanning for Radiological Threats The original article can be found here. 2013 R&D 100 Winner The Earth’s upper atmosphere is under bombardment by cosmic radiation that produces showers of pions, which rapidly decay into a constant flux of...»
  • Passive Imaging of Warhead-Like Configurations with Cosmic Ray Muon Tracking Scanners

    The following excerpt is from the NSTec Research and Development Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Report. The entire report can be found on the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information website. September, 2013 report — 2013 —...»
  • ENERGY.GOV – R&D 100: Lab Researchers Contribute to Public Safety

    Original article from ENERGY.GOV (, Aug. 16, 2013 R&D 100: Lab Researchers Contribute to Public Safety Multi-Mode Passive Detection System A truck passes through a multi-mode passive detection system (MMPDS) at a port of entry. The MMPDS is a...»
  • Aviation Week: Quick Fix

    Original article from Aviation Week Magazine (, July 8, 2013 Quick Fix  
  • R&D 100: Lab Researchers Contribute to Public Safety

    Ben Dotson: Project Coordinator for Digital Reform, Office of Public Affairs As Secretary Moniz recently noted, the Energy Department’s National Labs are leading the way in scientific innovation in the United States, including scientific research that furthers our national security. Scientists at...»
  • This Week in Defense News with Vago Muradian

    New Scanning Technology Checks Cargo For Dangerous Material Dr. Stanton D. Sloane, CEO of Decision Sciences discusses his company’s groundbreaking technology to screen cargo for dangerous materials. The interview aired on WUSA 9-TV, Sunday, June 9 and can be viewed...»
  • Nuclear Terrorism: What’s at Stake?

    The original article and videotape of the May 29 panel can be found at: Article post by Ollie Engebretson The American Security Project hosted “Nuclear Terrorism: What’s at Stake,” a panel discussion examining the nature of the threat that...»
  • Risk of Nuclear Materials Being Smuggled Through Ports Should Be Taken Seriously, Say Experts

    Risk of Nuclear Materials Being Smuggled Through Ports Should Be Taken Seriously, Say Experts Original article published by Security Management ( By Holly Gilbert May 29, 2013 Dr. Stephen E. Flynn speaks at the American Security Project panel, “Nuclear Terrorism: What’s...»
  • Experts Renew Warnings on Port Vulnerabilities

    Experts Renew Warnings on Port Vulnerabilities Original article from By Juana Summers Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Terrorists could exploit gaps in port security and smuggle weapons of mass destruction into the United States, a group of policy experts...»
  • The Power of the Muon

    Original article from Tuesday, May 7, 2013 The Power of the Muon By Dr. Stanton D. Sloane When the 9/11 Commission recommended, and Congress enacted into law, the requirement to scan 100 percent of cargo containers bound for...»
  • World Cargo News: Box Scanning Gains Momentum

    Original article from World Cargo News (, February 2013. Box Scanning Gains Momentum
  • U.S. Ports Are Vulnerable To A North Korean Nuclear Device

    Original article from Lexington Institute, Monday, April 8, 2013, by Daniel Goure, Ph.D. Homeland Security, MMPDS, North Korea As the crisis with North Korea has intensified, the focus almost exclusively has been on that country’s ballistic missiles and nuclear...»
  • Maritime Professional: 100% Container Scanning – It is Possible

    Original article from Maritime Professional, Q1 2013 New technology, already in use by a major terminal operator, puts the requirement for 100% scanning of all inbound containers back on track. The breakthrough, however, represents so much more than that....»
  • Washington Business Journal: Cargo Holds

    Original article from Washington Business Journal, March 8, 2013 Cargo holds: Federal about-face leaves startup Decision Sciences to refocus Decision Sciences International Corp. was formed specifically to respond to a post-9/11 requirement for more effective screening of inbound cargo...»
  • The Modern Day Trojan Horse

    Article from American Security Project – By Kevin Lalama and Katharyn Nicolle The U.S. is a leader in global nonproliferation efforts, from preventing new nuclear states to securing nuclear materials and technology. However, preventing nuclear terror requires efforts...»
  • Industry Chatter: Decision Sciences’ Stanton Sloane on securing the global supply chain

  • Cargo Security International: Decision Time

    DECISION TIME: CARGO SECURITY INTERNATIONAL CATCHES UP WITH DR. STANTON D. SLOANE FOR A PROGRESS REPORT ON DECISION SCIENCES’ SCANNING TECHNOLOGY  For two days in summer, Freeport, Bahamas was the testing ground for what might prove to be one of...»
  • Screening Goal Now Within Reach

    Original article from Lexington Institute, Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by Daniel Goure, Ph.D. In 2007, the United States Congress passed and President Bush signed into law the Implementing the Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act. One provision of the...»
  • Cargo Security International: Dr. Stanton D. Sloane of Decision Sciences looks at how passive detection systems can play their part in protecting the global supply chain

  • Washington Post: Sloane, former SRA chief, unveils first Decision Sciences-equipped port

    Original article from Washington Post. August 26, 2012 By Marjorie Censer More than a year after leaving SRA International, Stanton D. Sloane is now spending his time talking cosmic rays as president and chief executive of Chantilly-based Decision Sciences International. Sloane is promoting...»
  • The Freeport News: Port’s new detection system unveiled

    August 14, 2012 By Cleopatra Murphy Decision Sciences International unveiled the new multi-mode passive detection system (MMPDS) during a demonstration at the Freeport Container Port yesterday. The system, which is the fist of its kind, ramps up security at...»
  • World Cargo News: Nuclear detection system deployed at Freeport

    Original article from World Cargo News. August 10th US-based Decision Sciences International Corporation has deployed its first fully operational Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS) at Hutchison Ports Holdings (HPH)’s Freeport Container Port in the Bahamas. Designed to locate unshielded...»
  • Lloyd’s List: Hutchison takes lead in testing nuclear material scanners

    Original article from Lloyd’s List. August 10th, 2012 By Janet Porter GLOBAL port operator Hutchison has teamed up with Decision Sciences to test the world’s first passive scanner able to detect radioactive materials hidden in containers that could be...»
  • Cargo Security International: Benign Scanning

    Luke Ritter of Ridge Global discusses Decision Sciences’ cargo scanning technology with Cargo Security International. Not only does this technology harness the power of naturally occurring cosmic rays, it has also been tested and verified by the National Technologies...»
  • Tech Transfer: U.S. Department of Energy Recognizes Decision Sciences Technology

    U.S. Department of Energy recognizes Decision Sciences’ Muon Tomography technology in Technology Transfer. Muon Tomography technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory to detect nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction will be made available by Decision Sciences Corporation to...»
  • Global Security Newswire: Nuclear Smuggling Shows Terrorist WMD Threat Persists: State Department

    Original article from Global Security Newswire.  August 1, 2012 By Chris Schneidmiller WASHINGTON — The U.S. State Department on Tuesday said the attempted smuggling of nuclear arms-grade uranium in recent years illustrates a continued risk that terrorists could acquire...»
  • Decision Sciences MMPDS Demo

    Decision Sciences — in partnership with Hutchison Port Holdings, a subsidiary of the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator — is demonstrating its revolutionary detection scanning technology at Freeport Container Port (FCP) in the Bahamas, one of the...»
  • NY Times: Cargo, the Terrorists’ Trojan Horse

    Original article from The New York Times.  June 26, 2012 By JERROLD L. NADLER, EDWARD J. MARKEY and BENNIE G. THOMPSON MILLIONS of cargo containers are unloaded from ships each year at American seaports, providing countless opportunities for terrorists...»
  • CNN Report: Concerns Over US Efforts to Stop Nuclear Terror

    It was a congressional mandate. A directive from the 9-11 commission….pure common sense….by the year 2012 every single cargo container being shipped into the United States would be scanned, x-rayed, somehow peered into, to prevent terrorists from delivering a...»
  • CNN Report: Nuclear Detectives

    Decision Sciences is developing technology to mitigate the risk of a terrorist moving a weapon of mass destruction into the US….technology to find shielded nuclear material. Click here to view Drew Griffin’s CNN report.