Markets & Solutions

Discovery® offers scanning solutions for seaports, land borders, border patrol checkpoints, and critical infrastructure.

Decision Sciences is the only company in the world delivering a radiation-free scanning solution. Discovery® uniquely safeguards the integrity of the global supply chain, expedites the flow of commerce, and penetrates all known shielding materials while providing a completely safe working environment. Discovery® is 100% safe for operators, K-9 teams, port workers, and all cargo types.

Land Border Crossing

Trucks are the most common mode used to move imports and exports between international gateways and inland locations. This trend is expected to continue, with tonnage of international trade forecast to grow rapidly over the next several years.
Discovery® is uniquely suitable to the land border truck crossing:
  • Easily Integrates with existing land border crossing security systems.
  • Remote operation is supported.
  • An option for use as a primary screening solution or a complementary role in a layered enforcement strategy (secondary inspection).
  • 3D/any angle, color visualizations let operators analyze vehicles in as little as 30 seconds.
Unparalleled Operational Safety:
  • No  radiation—no exclusion zone needed.
  • Driver remains in the vehicle.
  • Will not affect cargo, system operators, or other port employees.


The global economy moves through water. Each year, more than 8 billion tons of seaborne trade enters the world’s ports—most of it in standardized metal containers.
  • Discovery’s® unique penetration capability lets operators see into these containers, giving them a 3D/360 visualization of the contents.
  • A safe and truly Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technology, Discovery® is a passive imaging system. Unlike X-ray, Discovery® does not use radiation to provide images. Radiation can damage certain commercial cargo and can cause long term health problems for operators and those who work close by.
  • Discovery’s® technology is especially effective with the high-density cargoes typical of maritime commerce.
  • Discovery’s® visualization gives operators actionable information at a tempo that does not impede the flow of legitimate commerce through busy ports.
Discovery® uniquely facilitates the safe and secure flow of commerce and optimizes the global supply chain.

Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security identifies numerous critical infrastructure sectors whose assets are vital to national security and global economic stability. Destruction or incapacitation of key utilities and energy, transport, and data communication infrastructures could ruin the safety and prosperity of millions. Discovery® technology can protect these vital assets.
  • Discovery® is a scanning capability that penetrates beyond the limitations of X-ray, providing 3D/any angle images of incoming cargo, and interdicting threats before they enter facilities.
  • Discovery® is efficient, letting operators visualize cargo anomalies and voids within mere minutes, or in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Discovery® is passive, emitting no dangerous radiation. It is completely safe for system operators, facility employees, and the general public.