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Homeland Security Award Recognizes Columbus Scholar Dr. Michael Sossong’s Innovations in “Cutting Edge” Nuclear Detection Technology

By October 11, 2011October 27th, 2021No Comments

SAN DIEGO, CA – Dr. Michael Sossong, Director of Nuclear Research at Decision Sciences International Corporation (Decision Sciences), has been selected for the 2011 Christopher Columbus Homeland Security Award. The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation and AgustaWestland selected Dr. Sossong for his pioneering work in the field of Muon Tomography.

Dr. Sossong has revolutionized the state of the art for passive nuclear threat detection using cosmic ray muon tomography (MT). He has led the development of Decision Sciences’ Multi-Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS), a commercial multi-mode passive detection system that facilitates the flow of commerce by rapidly and accurately identifying nuclear and radiological threats in shipping containers and vehicles of all types, without compromising the safety of cargo, passengers or inspection personnel. Under Dr. Sossong the MMPDS has evolved from its laboratory origins into a robust, deployable commercial system.

Muon tomography is the only technology available that can accomplish the original U.S. congressional mandate of 100% screening of cargo for nuclear materials. Given its effectiveness, scalability and passive nature, the technology is also appropriate for scanning occupied passenger vehicles, private aircraft, trains, air-cargo containers, and more.

“Dr. Sossong is a leader who has worked diligently to provide a real world solution to the Nation’s nuclear detection problem.” said Honorable Jay M. Cohen, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret). “Dr. Sossong and his incredible, game-changing work on Muon Tomography…is without peer in preserving and protecting our security!”

Decision Sciences is expanding the detection capabilities of the system to include non-nuclear contraband such as explosives, drugs, and other smuggled materials. These advancements show great promise for vastly improving the nation’s security while reducing the risks associated with radiation prevalent in today’s systems.

“True innovation is never easy. It takes persistence and drive to push against long-held beliefs, strength to engage during times of uncertainty, and endurance to champion an unpopular idea. I am honored to be a recipient of the Christopher Columbus Award and appreciate the recognition it provides for the hard-fought progress we’ve made on a truly innovative, game-changing technology that will make us all safer.” Dr. Michael Sossong

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